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Goods Sound I – Devyn

Afew Goods is always connecting with like-minded people and artists. As the music culture is part of what made us, we also want to support supposedly young musicians.

From time to time we will introduce you to some musicians and show you their type of music. For this, we created a SoundCloud account where you can listen to Beats or whole mixes.

This week we want to introduce you to 23 years old Devyn from Berlin. Born nearby Cologne, he started early founding his passion for singing, songwriting, and producing.
But before we get more into the insights of Berlin artist Devyn: Get a taste of his producing skills:

Devyn decided not to rely on his luck or the possibility of getting discovered by established artists.

Instead, he realizes that the best way of getting into the industry and fulfill your vision is to be independent. Moreover, pressure or reliance on other people to implement your idea is not an issue in this case.

But not only his path makes him unique, much more his musical creativity.
Inspired by art, other artists, or everyday life, Devyn creates a mix of different genres such as hip-hop, Rock, or Soul. This results in a vibey, expressively, and creative sound.

Especially in this aspect, Devyn has a healthy mindset:

Being different makes you more special! Individuality should be more present in the music industry, in particular in Germany.
Many people are intimidated by someone who is himself and represents something they don’t know.

After studying music management and working himself off for others, he decided to put everything in his first single: Cyber Gospel. He produced everything from scratch and gives you a taste of an alternative and modern lovesong with a rock influence.

His partner Dullyboy visualized his vision for the first music video. Check it out down below:

Make sure to follow him and check him out for more music and more alternative interpretations!


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