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Our high quality streetwear garments will provide you with the finest selected fabrics, that will serve you for a long time. We only chose natural fibres that determine the use of exclusively ecological substances.

Our Materials

Organic Cotton

Cotton is the only fabric that provides the comfy streetwear feel and usability we all know and love. There are just major cons we didn’t want to support. Our fabric should be made in the fairest, most sustainable way possible. That’s why we chose to go with Organic Cotton.

Our Organic Cotton Fabrics


Hoodies & Sweaters

100% Organic Cotton
367g Diagonal Fleece
GOTS certified


T-Shirts & Longsleeves

100% Organic Cotton
240g Jersey
GOTS certified

Organic Cotton vs. Conventional Cotton

We can guarantee you that Afew Goods’ cotton determines the use of exclusively ecological substances. We don’t want to support the use of pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and genetically modified organisms that are used in the growth of conventional cotton. All of those factors are actively harming the farmer’s health as well as the environment itself.


Our raw organic cotton (GOTS Standards) is sourced in India and then finished in Portugal.

Unfortunately we have failed to find out the exact location in India yet. But we will be able to present this information soon.

About GOTS

We decided to only use GOTS-certified cotton. The „Global Organic Textile Standard“ is a conglomerate of various organizations that control every single step of the production chain. It sets the highest sustainable, ecological and social standards for organically produced natural fibres.

We only work with GOTS certified suppliers to make sure that all our garments are truly manufactured under GOTS’ guidelines.


Even though we are in constant, close and personal contact to our suppliers, we will never be able to surveil all of the processing chain all the time. But we can make sure that strict guidelines during our whole supply chain are always being followed, thanks to GOTS.

Social Standards

We can make sure that strict guidelines during our whole supply chain are always being followed. That also applies to covered social standards. They are based on the criteria of the International Labour Organization (ILO) – payment of minimum wages that comply with industrial or legal standards, ensuring health and safety protection in the workplace, no discrimination, employment contracts and social security.

GOTS Label

You can’t simply label your garment as GOTS certified. It’s not enough to strictly use certified fabric. You also need to ensure that all suppliers from cultivation to the finished product need to be GOTS-certified in order for the product to bear the GOTS seal.