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Afew Goods Yamasura “KOI” – Made in Germany

It’s been 10 years since we teamed up with @rolfrainerfootwear to create the first handmade 1-of-1 KOI for Japan-Day 2012. Since the KOI is an important milestone for us, we want to go back to the roots for this special anniversary. Together with Rolf Preusser, who was still Head of Asics Germany Lifestyle in 2012 and has meanwhile started his own little upcycling brand called @turn_shoe, we went back to the workshop of Rolf Rainer to create this time a 1-of-1 handmade Yamasura “KOI”. Our friends Rolf & Rolf created the shoe using OG materials that we also used for the handmade Koi, as well as upcycled materials, while adding more details and twists. By working locally, we’re combining the two worlds of sneakers and sustainability to create a one-of-a-kind sneaker experience.

As in 2012, the @afewgoods_ Yamasura “KOI” will not be for sale. Since you are the main reason that the KOI is what it is, we would like to share this special occasion with you. We will host a big celebration together with our friends from as well as a KOI exhibition for this year’s Japan-Day. We look forward to welcoming you to Threelittlebirds Bar on May 21. There will be Japanese drinks, snacks and good music. You can find more info here and on our Instagram channel @afewstore.

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