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Afew Goods Yamasura

Afew Goods Yamasura “Soil”

After years of development we are very proud to release the very first Afew Goods Yamasura on the 31st of July 2021. The Yamasura “Soil” colorway symbolically stands for the foundation we laid with our own shoe for Afew Goods.

  • Designed in Germany
  • Handcrafted in Portugal
  • EVA Bloom Algae Midsole
  • Synthetic Upper (Vegan)
  • 100% recycled Paper Box (FSC)

Inside the Development

The Making of the “Afew Goods Yamasura”

After we have been able to work on multiple successful collaborations in the past years, we decided to take the next step and create our very own Sneaker from scratch. After more than three years of development, multiple trips to Portugal, and endless hours of research we are finally able to present the Afew Goods Yamasura.

Check out our documentary and witness how we were able to make one of our childhood dreams become reality.

The Heart & “Sole” of the Yamasura

When we started developing the shoe, we decided pretty quickly, that we did not want to use an already excisting generic sole but create the design from scratch instead.

The two-tone outsole shows the Afew Goods Logo as the centerpiece of the design, which is surrounded by a dynamic pattern.

For the midsole design we took inspiration from one of the most iconic cars, the Ferrari Testarossa. Its twin side radiators near the engine have been the inspiration for the shape & design details of the Yamasura midsole.

The sole is produced by ForEver, a company located in the north of Portugal and is made of “Bloom Algae EVA”. Through the combination of normal EVA and the special Bloom Algae material, we are able to purify 16 liters of water and clean 10 cubic meters of air with each sole.

Starting from Scratch

Creating your own shoe means starting from scratch & taking care of all the little details. After we put together a mood board in countless brainstorming sessions, we went to the drawing board to create the first designs. Our goal was to create the ultimate Runner with that dope “late 80s/early 90s” look and feel.

It took us 11 sample runs to bring our vision to life and we realized, that creating a shoe from scratch is way more complex, than we initially thought.

During that process, we had to figure out the right sizes for each panel, decide on the heel height and toe spring, choose the direction of the logo and make hundreds of other small decisions.

We couldn’t be happier to have the final product in hand now, which was three years in the making. It has been a long way but the future looks bright!


The clean packaging design for the Afew Goods Yamasura speaks for itself. The inside of the box, as well as the tissue paper, features the Yamasura sketch pattern and only becomes visible after opening it.

Like the rest of the shoe the box is produced in Portugal and made of 100% recycled paper (FSC).

Proudly crafted in Portugal

The Afew Goods Yamasura is produced in Portugal by the company Tofel. After meeting with over 15 different manufacturers, visiting a lot of factories, and having hundreds of calls & email conversations we finally came together with them, because they gave us the confidence we needed.

Tofel is based in Felgueiras in Portugal’s north and employs 60 people. We are working hand in hand with Pedro & Cristina of Tofel, who have supported us in the developing process as well as in finding new materials.

We feel very fortunate to have found such a strong partner in Portgual, despite being handicapped by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Transparency – Fabrics & Pricing

Transparency is a big part of the Afew Goods DNA. So we want to give our community an inside on fabrics as well as the pricing of the Yamasura. When we started our journey of making an own shoe we wanted to create “the most sustainable” shoe, but we honestly have to admit that we did not accomplish that goal yet. With each drop in the future we want to get closer to our initial goal, by adding more innovative & sustainable fabrics.

For the first “Soil” colorway we have used a combination of synthetic (vegan) suede, nubuk & mesh and combined it with a recycled PU Inlaysole & the BLOOM Algae EVA Midsole. Almost all fabrics are sourced in Europe.


  • Upper (Mesh Rejilla) = 1,95 Eur
  • Upper (Tejiplast Nenge) = 3,38 Eur
  • Upper (OnMicro Suede) = 3,60 Eur
  • Trims (Accessories, Labels, Embroideries, Laces) = 6,00 Eur
  • Lining (Antelina) = 2,78 Eur
  • Footbed = 4,50 Eur
  • Outsole = 12,25 Eur
  • Labour = 20,00 Eur
  • Packaging = 3,00 Eur
  • Tofel (Others & Profit) = 7,89 Eur
  • Development = 20,00 Eur
  • Total Cost = 85,35 Eur

Please note, that our addtional costs (like creative work, research, marketing, rent, employee salaries, taxes, website etc.) are not yet included in this cost overview.

Retail Price = 210 Eur (176,47 Eur Taxfree)