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Afew Goods x Pssbl x Sabukaru Crossbag

65 €*

Release 19.12.2020 (Online 09 a.m. CEST)

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Details Overview


  • Color: Black
  • Made out of 100% recycled fabrics (collected in Cambodia)
  • Size: 25 x 19 x 0.5 cm, 75 g
  • Each bag supports the plastic catch projects of Pssbl in Cambodia, helping to make our Oceans cleane
  • Produced in Taiwan


  • Each bag features a pair of Chopsticks
  • Afew Goods x Sabukaru Branding
  • Made in Japan by Hashiya Ichizen Factory
  • Each Stick is made of Sakura Wood (Cherry Tree) and features a special Urethane Coating, which makes it waterproof
  • Cardboard Packaging (No Polybag)

Garment Information


100% recycled fabrics (collected in Cambodia)
25 x 19 x 0.5 cm, 75 g


Designed in Munich and Hong Kong. Manufactured in Asia.

Pssbl is sourcing as many parts of their bags as possible from recycled or biodegradable materials – always with a focus on quality and efficiency.

Instead of being burned or disposed to landfills, used drinking bottles or old fishing gear are collected, sorted by color and washed, crushed into flakes and finally processed into pellets. This new raw material is then processed into polyester fibers and spun into yarn. Thereof results in high quality functional and smooth fabric for the Pssbl bags.



Here is a detailed cost overview for this garment (one piece).

  • Design = 5,30 Eur
  • Product = 9,69 Eur
  • Fabric = 3,22 Eur
  • Packaging = 2,58 Eur
  • Transport = 1,97 Eur
  • Chopsticks = 17,71 Eur
  • Total Cost = 40,47 Eur

Please notice, that our addtional costs (like creative work, development, marketing, rent, employee salaries, taxes, website etc.) are not yet included in this cost overview.

Retail Price = 65 Eur (54,62 Eur Taxfree)

Afew Goods x Pssbl x Sabukaru

We collaborated with our good friends from Pssbl and Sabukaru to work on something special. With this project we want to get your attention on a huge problem in today´s society:
The Throwaway Culture.

The project´s goal is to get the people´s attention on the problem of our throwaway culture. We want to show our community the importance of this topic. Because when you are involved in the production you are able to see what ressource are used and all the good and bad things. Its important that the consumer has the same view as we have on these subjects and hopefully appriciates his purchases more. 

Read the whole story about the Afew Goods x Pssbl x Sabukaru Crossbag