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Trust is good Control is better

But where is innovation being developed? Our good friend Bruno has a pretty huge network in the portugese textile industry and he arranged a meeting with researchers from the Citeve Institute of textile technology, that gave us even more insights. The team of researchers works on innovative technology to improve their efficiency. ⁠

As mentioned before, the meeting was very insightful and it was relieving to see that those science-pro’s also acknowledge our vision and actually share it. They offered their support and want to provide their laboratories to add another step of checking the textiles to the processing chain. ⁠

Another bonus of meeting Citeve is that we’ve added another source of information. Now we have access to firsthand insights and evaluation to new technology of all kinds. Even if most of them are still at early stages of development, the earlier you know what fabric, fibre or machine you might be working with one day, the easier adaption will be when the time comes. We are also really happy that our first supplier, Valerius, is a great supporter when it comes to innovations, we are glad to have such great partners by our side. ⁠

If you have any interesting articles or scientific papers worth looking into, just shoot us a DM and we’ll check it out (only if we haven’t already 😎)⁠

Afew Goods - Trust vs Control