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“To do good, you actually have to do something”⁠

Pauline’s surveys and written concept were incredibly insightful and they helped us in a lot of ways. But as we all learned earlier on our journey, inspiration hits you in unexpected moments. ⁠

Even though we had various perspectives on sustainable streetwear all coming from different angles, almost all of them agreed that -in theory- streetwear fashion is not capable of being fully sustainable to the fiber. As you can imagine, this conclusion was a bummer for us. For a moment, we were close to questioning our chances of acceptance and success. But as Chouinard said „to do good, you actually have to do something“, right? ⁠

We went back and reconsidered what we had learned. Afew Goods needed to be treated like a philosophy with a different take on consumerism, not „just“ a brand. This philosophy had to target actual environmental problems like transport or real fair production beyond trademarks. With Afew Goods, we didn’t want to come up with the next overhyped product, but rather transport a certain awareness of consumerism. We made it our goal to inspire our globally active community to think, discuss and ideally counteract the environmental crisis on their own. We all have to start somewhere and try something. ⁠

Big words and even bigger visions, but with size and numbers comes confusion. We sat down to really discuss and figure out what exactly we wanted to accomplish and what we envisioned for the industry’s future.⁠

Afew Goods - "To do good, you actually have to do something"⁠