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The Idea/Vision

Our big „figuring-shit-out“-meeting didn’t make our heads smoke any less, it rather started a bonfire. We knew that change doesn’t happen overnight so for Afew Goods to actually have a structural impact on the industry, we had to narrow down our principles concerning the global environment. ⁠

It’s important to us that producing our pieces would put as little impact as possible on human or animal life, as well as nature itself. We also believe that, in order to make a change, one has to provide her/his community with good information and education about social and environmental challenges. ⁠

Speaking of challenges: As you probably know, ethical isn’t a word commonly associated with streetwear, even less with said industry. ⁠
In order to really reach and inspire our beloved community to be more aware environmentally, we had to stay true to ourselves, true to AFEW. Streetwear acknowledges authenticity. So one big task of ours was to at least keep (if not surpass) our standards of quality, detail and style, which can be difficult to balance with our environmental goals. ⁠

As you guys can see, it’s been a big process so far. It might sound cliché, but everyday is like a lesson for us and we want to be as transparent as possible, so people can get better a grasp of what producing textiles really means and how costly it is. Not costly for a brands pocket but for local production facilities, for their workers and last but not least for good ol’ mother earth. ⁠

With these first ideas and base values etched into our minds, we looked at a ton of hard work and many more lessons to learn.⁠

Afew Goods - The Idea/Vision