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The Beginning – Let me introduce you to “Afew Goods⁠”

It’s been 3 years since my brother and I secretly set off to a new journey. Today I am stoked to finally share with you what we’ve been quietly working on and more than proud to announce the revelation of Afew Goods, our new Brand. ⁠

What is Afew Goods and what does it mean?⁠

Instead of just telling you everything about what exactly we’ve been working on behind closed doors, I want to share our thrilling or even challenging experiences we had during development.⁠

Every story starts with a moment.⁠

Sometimes, inspiration hits you in unexpected moments. Picture me on vacation, reading „Let my people go surfing“ by Patagonia Founder Yvon Chouinard, questioning and rethinking the industry I’ve been part of for a decade. How come that almost no one in the streetwear industry values sustainability? How do we at AFEW handle environmental topics? What can we do better? Streetwear has an ever growing impact on lives all around the world, why is this culture not using all kinds of questions started popping up in my head.⁠

With those and many more questions in mind I talked to my brother, who immediately was on the same page, and we went looking for answers and solutions. ⁠

Yvon’s book mercifully provided us with some real good ones to start with and observing brands that act on the global environmental crisis also inspired us to get active ourselves. So we got to work. ⁠

As I already mentioned, we’ve been on this journey for three years now and we actually documented pretty much every step of it. To help you understand what Afew Goods really stands for, we happily invite you to take a trip down memory lane and explore how our brand really came to be. We’ll continue sharing moments and insights during the development and are eager to get your feedback, so I would like to know what your thoughts on sustainability and streetwear are. ⁠

Yours ⁠
Marco Biergen⁠

Afew Goods - The Beginning