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Meet Pauline

When it comes to planning, you really want to see the big picture. And believe us, responsible and high quality production in Europe on its own can be a BIG obstacle. So to get a better understanding of pretty much everything, we put one of our own to task.⁠

In late 2017 @pteraw wrote her bachelor thesis on this task and thus went scientific on it. She researched the entire streetwear market which means that she looked into all kinds of trends, past developments, future technologies regarding sustainability, designs, production, distribution and a lot of other aspects to consider. She also conducted surveys and talked to some experts. Describing everything we looked into together would take us far beyond the scope. But she went there, all to develop a scientific concept for a new and special streetwear brand: Afew Goods. ⁠

Seeing Pauline being just as enthusiastic about this topic as us obviously motivated us, but her feedback also showed us that we might actually were on to something. Looking back, we’re more than glad to have Pauline on board, because she never seems to lose sight of the vision we all have for Afew Goods.⁠

Afew Goods - Meet Pauline