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Meet Alex

Having ideas is great and all, but to make them tangible and to come up with a solid plan, we had to start getting some answers instead of more questions. But how and where do you actually produce the most sustainable streetwear? What do we have to look for when we visit production facilities? The answers to these and all the other questions are not easily googled, we can tell you that. ⁠

Luckily, one of Pauline’s professors from university introduced us to Alex, who felt like an angel in disguise to us. Her knowledge of sustainability is astounding!⁠

In her ten years at Armedangels, an inspiring brand that pioneered sustainable fashion in Europe, she greatly contributed to the growth of AA. She was able to build a huge network of producers, material-suppliers and lots of other big players in the fashion industry. Needless to say that her unique expertise was unbelievably valuable to us. ⁠

To our relief, Alex was interested in lending a helping brain when we first approached her. We all clicked immediately. She knew that we were rookies, so she instructed us to figure out what pieces exactly we wanted to start with and who could be our long term partner in production.

Afew Goods - Meet Alex