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When we started to research raw materials, we figured that there can be lots of things to keep in mind while looking for the right fabrics and there might even be some new challenges and requirements popping up. ⁠

We digged into all kinds of alternatives, looked at all the pro’s and con’s (which there were tons of) but came to the conclusion that we had to find a compromise. ⁠
Hemp, for example, might be very durable and uses less water than cotton, but at the moment it does not provide the typical touch-and-feel, so it was a no-go for us. The fabric had to provide the comfy streetwear feel we all know and love.⁠

For our first collection, we went with organic cotton, which might not seem like the most sustainable solution at first sight, because it still would be something new. ⁠

We decided to only use GOTS-certified cotton. The „Global Organic Textile Standard“ is a conglomerate of various organizations that controls every single step of the production chain. It sets the highest sustainable, ecological and social standards for organically produced natural fibres.⁠

We can guarantee you that Afew Goods’ cotton determines the use of exclusively ecological substances. We don’t want to support the use of pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and genetically modified organisms that are used in the growth of conventional cotton. All of those factors are actively harming the farmer’s health as well as the environment itself. Nonetheless, new organic cotton also has a negative impact on the environment and it definitely isn’t a no long term solution. As you can probably guess by now, we’re always looking into new recycling methods and innovations to use and improve every detail of our production cycles. Unfortunately we weren’t able to find a perfect solution yet, but again: Believe us when we say „We’re always on the lookout“!⁠

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