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Made by Culture – Mateusz -(Rösterei Vier)

We all have our local spots in our hometown that make us feel special. It is like an unknown artist that no one knows but you are fully aware of his potential. Many people can relate to this feeling, especially in terms of restaurants, bars, or coffee spots.
When it comes to these places, you have to mention the “Rösterei Vier” in Duesseldorf.

Specialty Coffee from specialty producers

The roastery is based on the idea that coffee is made four times:
harvest, peeling and fermentation, roastery, and preparation.
Every single step affects the taste of the coffee. “R4” wants to control these factors to get the maximum quality.

Transparency is the most important aspect to provide sustainability. Therefore, “R4” builds long-term relationships with their farmers. It is not only about who sells their coffee for the lowest price. It is about being able to hang out with their partners and get connected on the human side.
These long-term partnerships are the secret of good taste. The roastery starts from scratch with every new harvest.

Harvest, Peeling, Fermentation, Roastery and Preparation

Tasting, roast level, and many more aspects have to be in perfect balance to deliver the unique taste for every type of coffee drinker.
This passion and precise craftsmanship create a loyal community. It is the transparency, the local roasting in Duesseldorf, and the taste of coffee that forces the causal customer to transform into a passioned coffee-lover.

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