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Made by Culture – Maxi (hap ceramics)

The art of making ceramics is one of the most ancient activities, dating back to around 6500 B.C. Made with soil, water, and fire, simple elements but necessary to human existence itself, ceramics have seen, the evolution of its use and function.
Today, the art of creating a handmade product is indispensable. As we told you many times before, mass productions are a big problem in many industries.

As you may notice, more and more people prefer the buy handmade items. On one hand, to support another individual and on the other hand because they adore the quality of a handmade product. Some might do it to protest against mass productions.

created with coincidence

Another point of view is the individuality that people see in the creation of handmade goods.
Created with coincidence – that is what Maxi is all about!
Maxi is the person behind hap (or hap ceramics). The love and passion for physical art started very early. Her mother used to be a potter in East Germany, creating handmade goods in her own studio. By the time Germany united, people started to consume mass products and forgot about the beauty and value of handmade pieces. Years later, Maxi took a pottery class and discovered her love and passion for this type of art. Besides working as a Channel Manager for Digital Sales, she puts all her time, power, and love into creating unique goods.

To get to know her better, check out the video down below!
Find out why Maxi is made by culture.

For our upcoming project, we teamed up with her to give you a taste of her work. Drinking a good coffee in the morning is one thing. But drinking it out of a handmade coffee mug is a whole other story.

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