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Made by Culture 001 – Franky Dee

In our new content format „Made by Culture” we want to convey what made us found Afew Goods in the first place – our huge respect for street culture, art, sports and everything in between. So for our first content format, which will be released on a regular basis, we want to introduce you to artists of all kinds that are close to our hearts!

For our first episode we turned to our good friend Franklin Dickson aka Franky Dee. As one of Germany’s most renowned HipHop dancers, he’s the perfect fit as he’s truly made by culture. He was born and raised in Aachen, Germany and always had a liking for music as his dad was a DJ, but first cam his passion for football. In his youth he played for his local team Alemannia Aachen but started to focus more on freestyle dancing when his friends introduced the art to him in a local youth center. Luckily Franky’s talent in dancing even surpassed his football skills and he quickly was able to develop his own style which you are able to recognize immediately if you’re into dancing.

After making a name for himself in Germany by winning many smaller battles, his biggest triumph came in 2014. Together with Majid from Krefeld he won the most well known HipHop battle in the world “Juste Debout” in Paris. As if it wouldn’t have been enough to be the first german team to ever win, they were also the youngest. But there are things that are much more important to him than his trophies and battle victories – first of all his family. He’s very proud to be a father to his 4 year old daughter and values spending his time with her and seeing himself in her when she’s busting out her own dance moves.

And he also didn’t forget where he came from. Franky contiuously praising his mentors Ukay and Aldo Ardo, whose home studio he regularly produces music in, and the whole Bad Newz MP crew who inspired him to find his own style and pushed him to learn more and more every day. The same way they treated him, he’s now treating others, using his craft to inspire and teach people not only about dance, but life and culture in general. Please watch the whole video to learn more about Franky, his art and how he is the epitome of being “Made by Culture”.

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