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Made by Culture 002 – Can (Midnight)

In today’s fashion industry everybody and their mother is calling themselves a streetwear brand. Unfortunately most of them are ignoring the fact that streetwear is not only about product – it´s about culture. It unifies people, sharing the same way of living, thinking and feeling.  

Talking about culture, nobody else embodies the DNA of streetwear like Can. His fashion brand „Midnight“ connects people from his hometown Mönchengladbach and all over Germany. Especially „People who look at the night with different eyes and unite their individuality.“ as he says. It’s not about being the most hyped fashion brand in the world, it’s about creating a streetwear community in his hometown, by connecting people regardless of age, origin or social background.    

Therefor we decided to reach out to Can to show you his way of being made by culture. In addition to that we wanted to get his style of screen-printing by hand on our apparel, uniting two brands sharing the same mindset. That´s why Can screen-printed our design on an exclusive and limited Kimono for our upcoming collection. Check out the whole video to learn more about Can, Midnight and what streetwear is all about.   

Stay tuned…