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How to create a logo

We quickly figured that we had to come up with a logo to emphasize Afew Goods’ own branding. The thing is: Designing a proper logo can be challenging, to say the least. It had to be clean and eye-catching at the same time. After a long period of trial-and-error we learned that we wanted the logo to be handwritten, reflecting our ideals, thoughts and the vision of sustainable craftsmanship. ⁠

We tried to calligraph something ourselves, but the results never even came close to what we wanted. So we approached the professional calligraphist and designer @jonathanfaust as well as our good friend @yukigraphics, who’s a pro in graphics and design too. Jonathan was the first one to get back to us with a draft and it turned out great. Yuki’s approach to our idea was a little bit more „clean“ and less calligraphic, but still great. We went back and tweaked on all the designs, trying everything to get that „oh I just love that“-feeling at first sight. ⁠

In the end, we chose one of Jonathan’s first scribbles and Marco used it as inspiration to recreate it himself. When we first put that final logo on a shirt, we were so happy with how it came out. After this very long, tiring and nerve-wrecking process it felt great to finally have something concrete to show. We also decided to use Yuki’s clean calligraphy to be more flexible in the future. Thanks to Jonathan and Yuki, we finally had a clue of what Afew Goods could look like. At that point, none of us had a plan of what exactly the logo would be used for. We just knew that it had huge potential, and we’ve been adamant and caring about our logo-baby ever since!⁠

Afew Goods - How to create a logo