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Who doesn’t like the looks of film photos? The color, the contrast and the vibe of the images transport a unique feeling. Knowing you don’t have unlimited shots left makes you focus that little bit more while capturing your subject. Every photo needs to be perfect. Even images that are out of focus have their own vibe thanks to the film look.

To revive the great era of analogue photography, we bring you goods_analogue. With goods_analogue we feature photographers who are passionate about the art of capturing the perfect moment. Everyone is welcome to tag us on their film photos with their favorite Afew Goods piece. And even if you don’t have a film camera, digital images who represent the spirit of Afew Goods are highly appreciated.

The art of analogue photography

Like we said, the looks of film photography are unique and transport a feeling digital images can barely represent. We can only recommend you to consider shooting on film if photography is more than just a hobby for you. The process is more calm and you have to be more alert not to miss the shot. This way of capturing moments is the purest form and makes photography to the great art as it is.

Afew Goods Instagram

goods_analogue creator

Maurice Pehle @mauricepehle – He is a pro in capturing the moment. His images have a perfect synergy of lights, shadow and focusing the subject.

Hoang Vu @soulrocking – Hoang a.k.a. Bap mostly shoots on film. His style of shooting represents the Afew Goods DNA. The way he sets the models and the editing is just beautiful

Dennis Schmitz @ds_smooth – Dennis is always capturing the scene and subject in a minimalistic, artistic way. From sneaker to streetphotography, his feed is versatile.