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Do the right thing

When we first watched „Do the Right Thing“ my brother and I took that particular sentence of the legendary Spike Lee to heart, we wanted to do dope shit done the right way. This motto also came into play when we started to dig in what environmental responsibility really means, especially for the yet-to-be-aware streetwear industry. We wanted to do Afew Goods right!⁠

The biggest question that stuck with us was: Why does it seem like streetwear can not be sustainable? Long before we had our first design idea, we concluded that we need all the help and knowledge we can get. On our mission to really understand how we want to operate we talked to a LOT of people from various scientific or industry backgrounds to consider as many aspects of the task at hand. We will definitely introduce you to some of the great minds that helped us throughout the development. ⁠

We might know a thing or two about streetwear and marketing, but to acknowledge that we are rookies in so many fields was the first step. Coming up with an idea on how to change the perception of sustainability and a solid plan to execute.⁠

Afew Goods - Do the right thing