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Details – Labels

It’s no big secret that we put a lot of thought and all of our hearts into detail. It’s the little things you might overlook at first glance, that really makes a product for us. We’re really proud that – after a LOT of trial and error – we can finally showcase some of the itsy-bitsy-little things we thought of and pulled through.⁠

First, Let’s talk Labels. Not fashion or music labels but actual labels on clothes. You can do a lot of cool stuff with labels that exceeds a simple tag for size and washing symbols. In terms of format and materials you have lots of options to mingle with. Looking at a garment you can easily come up with 5-6 labels on just one piece. That’s all we knew back then, but our state of knowledge was about to change when we finally met the people at We Nordic.⁠

We Nordic is a Danish label studio, a place where designers only focus on small patches of fabrics. They are absolute specialists when it comes to labels, and using sustainable materials. For our first collection we tried to focus on clean and simple design in high quality, that gives the garments its own ID. You can easily scan our hangtag to get a closer look of how your worn garment was being produced.⁠