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Certification Jungle

During our research we came across various certificates from all kinds of organizations, but we didn’t really know which were trustworthy, so we wanted to find out for ourselves. We wanted to understand what specific certificates stand for and which ones to trust.⁠

As we explained the other day, we figured that GOTS-certified cotton is our best solution to go with at the moment, but there is a big problem happening right now. Since certifications are becoming more relevant and “trendy” it leads to wrong use. You can not just label your garment as GOTS when only using certified fabric. You need to ensure that all suppliers from cultivation to the finished product must be GOTS-certified in order for the product to bear the GOTS seal. ⁠

This way we can make sure that strict guidelines during our whole supply chain are always being followed. That also applies to covered social standards. They are based on the criteria of the International Labour Organization (ILO) – payment of minimum wages that comply with industrial or legal standards, ensuring health and safety protection in the workplace, no discrimination, employment contracts and social security.⁠

One other reason for our decision to go with GOTS is that, even though we are in constant, close and personal contact to our suppliers, we will never be able to surveil all of the processing chain all the time. We believe that, for now at least, the best solution is to be as efficient and sustainable as possible, while keeping a keen eye on new technology. Always be open to innovation, even if it means that you have to overthrow your big game plan. At least that’s what we try to practise every day!⁠

Afew Goods - GOTS