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Afew Goods – Salida del Sol

Our love for coffee is unidentifiable! Whether drinking before, after, or during work, or whether R4 joined our instore releases to provide you with coffee.
Moreover, we have realized that there is a lot to know about this particular topic.

Salida Del Sol Coffee

After many talks with the “Rösterei Vier” about coffee in general, we decided to get you familiar with it.
The coffee extraction process is controversial. Only a few brands are trying to talk about it. Similar to us, “R4” tries to give you another point of view on their products. Transparency and a sustainable relationship between all parties are key factors for the brand.
Similiar Mindset, similar passion, similar goal!
Therefore we decided to present you a very special coffee from Panama- The Richard Lipner aka Salida Del Sol!

Afew Goods Coffee Mug by hap ceramics

Drinking a good coffee in the morning is one thing. If you have not already read our article about Maxi, head of hap ceramics, you have missed something out. Maxi created something very unique for this project. Each Afew Goods Coffee Mug is handmade in Duesseldorf and unique. Enjoy the creation of coincidence!

Afew Goods Atmos Vacuum Container

This Atmos Vaccum container is one of the few airtight containers for coffee. A lot of people are struggling with keeping their coffee beans fresh. Moreover, this container is a very sustainable way to reduce the usage of coffee packagings. Instead of buying new ones, you could easily bring your Vaccum container to your local roastery and refill it.
The container’s lid contains a pump, which removes oxygen while twisting it. To open it and let oxygen inside, click the button on top of the container. Your coffee will last 50% longer!

Afew Goods Coffee Tee

To complete this collection, we designed this Afew Goods Coffee Tee. It took inspiration from old vintage coffee commercials. Enjoy your morning while drinking a cup of Salida Del Sol. As the coffee is from Panama, we decided to translate the word sunrise to Spanish.

23.10.2021 Instore Release (incl. coffee tasting)
23.10.2021 11 AM CEST Online Release

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