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Afew Goods – Classics Playlist

With Afew Goods we try to pay homage to the culture, that made us what we are today. One major part of our culture is music, so we want to release a new mixtape every couple weeks just like Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy (imo the best Marvel Movie by far) and add it to the “Afew Goods – Classics” Playlist on Spotify. For us a classic is not defined by its release date or its genre, but by the way it makes you feel when you hear it. So our growing playlist will be a mix of music of all genres like Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, Electro, Afro Beats, Jazz, Rock, Punk….


With every new mixtape drop we want to highlight one artist / track and give you some background stories.

This week we want to talk about the song
Why can´t we live together“, which was released by Timmy Thomas in 1972 for the first time.

The song transports a strong message and even though it is almost 50 years old, it shows that we are still dealing with the same problems of discrimination & inequality today. The song has been covered & sampled multiple times since its original release by various artist, so I would like to point out my two favorite variations.

In 1984 the one and only Sade covered the song, when she released her first solo album.In 2015 Drake released the song “Hotline Bling“, which samples Timmy Thomas song in a dope way.